Sustainable vision

Sustainable vision

jp-morvanCorporate responsibility, coupled with external growth in emerging countries to support our international customers :
This is now a prerequisite for operating in every line of our business.

Jean-Philippe MORVAN
CEO Groupe Ipackchem


IPACKCHEM reports on its corporate responsibility actions in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) principles for reporting on sustainable development. The “2017 Integrated and Sustainability Report” is a GRI integrated report prepared in accordance with the GRI 2017 standards: Core option. The “2016 Integrated and Sustainability Report” has been also based on the IIRC “INTEGRATED REPORTING (IR) framework”.

Topic-specific Standards are reported with respect to the material topics for IPACKCHEM. For each reported standard, the GRI content index refers to the corresponding section.

IPACKCHEM has taken account of the ISO 26000 standard as a source document providing guidelines for corporate responsibility.