Sustainable vision

Corporate responsibility, coupled with external growth in emerging countries to support our international customers : this is now a prerequisite for operating in every line of our business.

Jean-Philippe MORVAN

Sustainable commitments

Corporate responsibility is now an integral part of IPACKCHEM’s day-to-day activities. Corporate responsibility work is based on IPACKCHEM’s values, vision and mission. Corporate responsibility is guided by our strategy, general corporate responsibility principles, the Code of Conduct guidelines and our purchasing and operating principles.

IPACKCHEM’s sustainability ambition has been redefined and will be reinforced through corporate governance and ethics and an open and constructive dialogue with its key stakeholders. IPACKCHEM will focus on five themes to respond to its stakeholders’ main Expectations.

Global compact

We are a signatory to the Global Compact since 2017 and we affirm our support of the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the area of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Our Business Ethics Programmes covers each of the 10 principles.

Responsible Care

In 2017, IPACKCHEM embraced the goals of the chemical industry’s voluntary Responsible Care initiative. launched by ICCA, Responsibe Care is the global chemical industry’s unifying commitment to the safe management of chemicals.

France - Women/Men Equality Index

Ipackchem France releases the results of its “Women Men equality index”. For the year 2021 and as it was in the previous year, our overall index is INCALCULABLE (the measurable indicators represent less than 75 points).

This result can be brokendown as follows:

1- Salary pay difference between Women & Men: INCALCULABLE
The reason: All the valid groups represent less than 40% of the workforce.

2- Proportion of women and men increased: 35 points out of 35

3- Of the percentage of women increased on return from maternity leave: INCALCULABLE
The reason: No return from maternity leave during the period.

4- Number of women and men in the top 10 highest paid in the company: 0 points out of 10

We are determined to work on this issue by focusing our actions on the theme of gender diversity in certain sectors and on women’s access to the highest levels of responsibility, and therefore of remuneration, in our company. We are convinced that gender diversity is a powerful lever for performance and attractiveness.

It is our responsibility to continue to promote our businesses to women, particularly in schools, to help our female employees to flourish in the company and to enable them to achieve ambitious career paths.

IPACKCHEM (PTY) Ltd in South Africa is BBBEE certified

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE or B-BBEE) is a form of economic empowerment initiated by the South African government. The goal of broad-based empowerment is to distribute wealth across as broad a spectrum of previously disadvantaged South African society as possible.

GRI Index

IPACKCHEM reports on its corporate responsibility actions in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) principles for reporting on sustainable development. The “2017 Integrated and Sustainability Report” is a GRI integrated report prepared in accordance with the GRI 2017 standards: Core option. The “2016 Integrated and Sustainability Report” has been also based on the IIRC “INTEGRATED REPORTING (IR) framework”.

Topic specific standards are reported with respect to the material topics for IPACKCHEM. For each reported standard, the GRI content index refers to the corresponding section.

IPACKCHEM has taken account of the ISO 26000 standard as a source document providing guidelines for corporate responsibility.