IPACKCHEM’s commitments to international declarations and conventions are included in the principles that the company endorses. The most important are:

– The UN Universal Declaration Principles on Business and Human Rights
– The International Labour Organization (ILO) Tripartite Declaration of Principles on the Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work
– OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
– The UN Global compact which principles were endorsed by IPACKCHEM CEO in 2017
– The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our ethical code

IPACKCHEM acting through its employees and directors will:

– Conduct its business in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner
– Treat its customers, communities, suppliers, advisors, competitors and employees with fairness and integrity
– Identify, report, investigate and resolve any suspected non-compliance, without threat of retaliation against the person reporting in good faith.


In 2017, the Business Ethics Program was revised to enlarge the scope of our ethical behaviour principles to all our value chain. The Business Ethics Programme is a common reference document for all our managers and employees around the world as well as for all our different stakeholders: customers, suppliers and contractors, host countries, local communities, business partners and shareholders. Our business partners are expected to apply standards that are equivalent to ours, in particular towards their employees.

Supplier code

The Business Ethics Program – SUPPLIER Code is a common reference document for our partners around the world, suppliers and subcontractors and all business partners.

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