A-IMF barrier

Introduction of carefully controlled levels of fluorine during the HDPE extrusion blowing process to create an impermeable fluorinated barrier on the inner surface of the container

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Advanced In-Mold Fluorination

Mono-material barrier packaging

100% recyclable packaging

Lowest CO2 Footprint

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Advanced Barrier Packaging Technology for the protection, transportation and storage of your products.




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Product summary

Design and functionality meet in a high-quality, fully recyclable product. At a molecular level, our Advanced In-Mold Fluorination technology introduces a chemical barrier to the inner surface of a container within the HDPE blow molding process.

Dimensional, visual, and permeation consistency.

Combining excellent barrier properties with industry leading ease of recyclability, our Advanced In-Mold Fluorination results in Safe, Sustainable, and Secure containers for any industry.

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